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Glutathione is our body’s main antioxidant. It is the most important molecule for the sustainability of our health. Unfortunately, this enzyme, which can be synthesized by our body, cannot be taken from the outside.

Glutathione is produced from every cell of our body by the action of two enzymes. The former combines glutamate and cysteine ​​to produce gamma-glutamylcysteine ​​(GGC), and the latter adds glycine to gamma-glutamylcysteine ​​(GGC) to form glutathione.

As we age, our body’s synthesis of gamma glutamylcysteine ​​(GGC) required for glutathione becomes insufficient. Studies have shown that we can keep glutathione synthesis active by supplementing this enzyme structure from the outside. Today, reduced preparations under the name of glutathione are insufficient in terms of this function.

Heavy living conditions, an unhealthy diet, and exposure to toxins put great pressure on the liver. Glutathione fights against negativities in our bodies.

• It is the first line of defense for free radicals.

• Supports cellular respiration and brain health.

• While it increases performance and endurance during high activities such as sports, it provides rapid recovery of the damage that occurs in the tissues afterward. Oxidative stress, which occurs during these wearing effects, is the leading cause of aging.

• Glutathione; It supports the production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy source that keeps your muscles, heart, and every cell in your body working. GlySilk keeps glutathione synthesis active.

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