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Silk Protein in Hair Care

Hair is keratin tissue consisting of 18 amino acids. Factors such as heat exposure, UV rays, oxidants and abrasive cleaners result in breaking the disulphide bonds in its structure and it weakens and breaks.

We can list our expectations of an ideal hair care product such as giving shine, a feeling of cleanliness, degree of volume (we don’t want frizzy hair), easy styling and permanence and ease of combing.

The word ‘silk’ is the most common of adjectives used to signify beauty and it forms the basic structure of our skin and hair. Hydrolysed silk proteins perfectly match hair care products with their low molecular weight.

Studies have shown that hydrolysed silk protein softens hair strands and increases hair growth due to its molecular size.

Also, it repairs dry and damaged hair with its film forming feature. The cationic structured Therasilk ® hydrolysed silk protein penetrates and repairs the damaged keratin region. With its free amino acid structure, it repairs dry and damaged areas and takes action against breakage while oligopeptides wrap the hair from end to end like a film strip and moisturise it deeply.

It prevents dyed hair from losing its colour and delays the fading of dye thanks to the barrier it forms against the UV rays and by maintaining the keratin texture.

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