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Why Silk?

In Turkey, sericulture has a very old history. The silk which was produced by the cocoons brought by the Chinese empire by hiding them in the hair of women, is as old as Turkish history. Sericulture these days has lost its importance with the development of technology but with the support of the Turkish government, within the scope of its value being lost, it remains alive and on its feet.

As a company, we have made it our duty to leave more natural, healthier consumer products and a cleaner world for the next generations on our journey to create added value for silk and sericulture.

Today, silk in the textiles industry is mostly used in carpet production and the layer of sericin, which constitutes the most valuable part, is discarded as waste during production.

Yet, the outer layer of silk, that is natural keratin, provides sericine keratin which provides protective and nourishing support. Silk cocoons which are widely used by Chinese women with this awareness, reveal the secret of their white and smooth skin.

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