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Silk Protein on Sensitive Skin

The problem faced by many people’s skin today is allergies. If we consider whether silk products are safe in this respect, silk takes its place in the hypoallergenic class with its closest biological structure to human skin.

Silk is a material especially recommended for people with an allergenic and sensitive skin structure. It was found to be safe in the use of cosmetic products as a result of the evaluation studies carried out in this respect.

Abrasive chemicals such as detergent and soap, ultraviolet rays, excessive water loss and stress increase the loss of water on the skin. This disrupts the barrier structure on the skin and leaves it vulnerable.

Silk proteins tend to keratin tissue. Amino acid compounds, which are a keratin structure, cover the corneocytes and provide integrity with their hydrophilic structure. Initially it is possible to attain healthy skin by strengthening the barrier structure by regular moisturisation on skin with this type of sensitivity.

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